Our War On Waste

It has been a secret ambition of mine for a few years now to provide a quality, professional range of haircare products that speak to my guests and consumers for more than just how it makes their hair look and feel. As with everything I do in my salon, I wanted something special and something different, and finally, we have a scientifically developed a product we are very proud of.

Lady Boss Haircare is a high quality, boutique range of care and styling products, full of heart and soul, which are 100% Vegan, Australian Made and Cruelty Free with Organic Ingredients free from Sulphates and Parabens, packaged in recycled plastic.

I am also on a mission to become a totally green salon with zero waste. There are approximately 2 million kilos of waste dumped each year from hair salons Australia-wide, however, the current salon recycling programs in Australia are not available in the Gympie region, so I needed to be able to step up and take responsibility myself. I am super passionate about reducing the amount of waste, not only in my salon but in all salons and households alike.

This is why I am also offering a refillable option for Lady Boss Haircare. Guests can purchase their shampoo and conditioner once, then return the empty product bottles to the salon, where we will refill them making it more affordable and most importantly, reduce the amount of waste ending up in landfill.

I am also taking this one step further, and opening the doors of my salon to become a drop off point for anyone wanting to make a real difference. I will collect all empty haircare or cosmetic bottles and containers and send them off to be recycled and repurposed.

I am extremely proud of this program and the difference we can make.

So please, join me on this exciting journey that is Lady Boss Haircare and my “War On Waste”

We’re ready to make a difference, one bottle of shampoo at a time!


Xo Sherie