Let’s talk about Curl Specialists…
Did you know that it’s actually a myth that all hairdressers know how to cut curly hair?

Usually, when a trend in the hair industry is developed, it is created by stylists within the industry.
Never before have we seen a client driven trend such as the one we are seeing within the curly community at the moment. Most hairdressers have never even heard of THE CURLY GIRL METHOD.

Curly Hair Cutting and Styling is a very different and highly specific skill set that is not included within a Hairdressing Apprenticeship. This is for the simple reason that every head of curls is completely different. There are so many factors in each haircut and so many variables that it is almost impossible to measure and mark in a book. Of course, the basics are included, however this is vastly different to the knowledge of a Curl Specialist. That’s not to say that you should be upset with your stylist when you ask if they can cut curly hair and you receive a reply of similar to “of course I can, I have been hairdressing for 25 years.”
As we do not know, what we do not know… Until we do…

As a trained Curl Specialist, it is my passion to see curls come to life! I love the look on my guests face after a Curly Hair Management Session, their curls are hydrated and defined with frizz eliminated, sometimes for the first time ever!

How do you become a Curl Specialist?
I took the time to source the very best educators within the industry, in Australia, we’re lucky enough to have the amazing duo of Amanda and Peter Rickman. The two have travelled the world and have many years of industry experience and only work with curly hair.  Amanda has worked with and gained further education from some of the world’s best educators such as Scott Musgrave, Cristo Curlisto, Ron Suriano, Aeleise Harris, Aisha Strickland, and Diva Curl just too name a few.

Like most skills in hairdressing, there are some stylists that have a very natural flair for a particular skill set, when teaming that natural flair with science and years of industry practice, skills and knowledge you know you have found yourself in the hands of a CURL MASTER. You know this is definitely the case when you’re in the presence of Amanda Rickman.

I was grateful to be included in the very first group of students to graduate from The Rickman’s training college and am so very thankful for not only the skills I have gained, but the ongoing training and support they offer as educators.

My most popular service is a Curly Management Session.
I begin with a comprehensive hair and scalp analysis in order to get to know my guests, their hair and curl type, and personal preferences.
There are a lot of points to take into consideration before putting scissors to curls. I ask a l lot of questions, such as “are you taking any medication?”, “do you have children?” or “have you experienced any trauma recently?” as all of these things not only matter to the curls, but also the way the curls respond to being cut in a particular way.

After a thorough consult, we move into the specialised curly cut. I will cut the hair dry, without a comb to ensure that each individual curl is in its natural form, focusing on reducing frizz and creating the perfect shape.

Following the cut, is a cleanse and hydration session. Most curly heads of hair are traditionally dry and need of a boost of hydration to look and feel happy and healthy. Hydration and maximum absorption of water into the cortex (the second layer of the hair) is what curls need the most. I coach my guests through the process of cleansing and hydrating their curls, and how to achieve the best results at home.

Lastly, your curls will be set and styled for perfectly defined shape, 100% dry and free from frizz.

When properly executed, this curl therapy has been LIFE CHANGING for some of our guests, who are finally loving their curly hair after years of struggles.

Now, let’s talk about updating and ongoing training…
This is not a set and forget industry skill, it is ever evolving just like our curls.
We, as stylists, need to ensure we stay up to date with the latest information and scientific breakthroughs in curls, the products we use to enhance them and the methods we use to teach our clients how to care for them at home.
There are always new colour techniques for curls and how to incorporate each technique into the different curl types and the individual wants and needs of guests.  All this takes time, many years of knowledge and experience.

There are more and more stylists adding the “Curl Specialist” feather in their cap, so just be sure to ask where they were taught the skills, before just sitting in their chair. We’re all about the education at A Beautiful You, and we want you to have the best curl experience no matter where you are, each and every time.

Keep it Curly


Sherie xo

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