The Curls:
So many ladies visit the salon with what they have always considered to be “problem hair”.
There’s always been a common saying that those with straight hair always wish it to be curly, and those with curls will always tell you how much they wish theirs was straight.

As a curly hair specialist, it is my passion to have your curls come to life! I love to see the look on my guests face after a Curly Hair Management Session. Their curls are hydrated and defined with frizz eliminated, sometimes for the first time ever!

The most common issue for those with curly hair types is uncontrollable frizz caused by lack of moisture and lack of definition… I’m here to tell you that I can 100% fix this problem!
Let’s look a little deeper at the internal structure of the hair…

The Science:
There are many components that make up human hair, keratin proteins, lipids, polysaccharides, water and pigment particles just to name a few. Each component are complex and perform very specific functions, however, I would like to particularly focus on the cuticle layer.

The cuticle layer is the outside layer of your hair, and it is much like bark on a tree. Both the cuticle layer and tree bark are made up of many smaller, individual pieces (called scales when referring to the cuticle) that work together as one overall unit to perform a function.
The job of the cuticle is to provide protection to the hair shaft from mechanical and thermal damage, while allowing moisture in and out as needed. The cuticle structure is an amazing work of nature, because it is strong, yet flexible, and is made up of many pieces, which allows it to act as a seal and give strength to the inner cortex of the hair.

Curly hair is more susceptible to cuticle damage due to its structure and lower amount of internal moisture. As the curly hair strand bends and curls around itself, sections of the cuticle layer can become raised and exposed contributing to tangles, dryness and frizz.

Undamaged Cuticle

Chemically Altered Cuticle

Damaged Cuticle

The cuticle layer protects the inner cortex of the hair which is a much more complex structure. Water is vital to the internal structure of the cortex. It is required to bind the hydrogen and keratin fibres together which is essential for the maintenance of the hairs internal strength and integrity.
Without moisture in the cortex, hair can become thin, frizzy and much more prone to damage.

The Solution:
A personalised Curly Hair Management Session.
Before anything else, I will always perform a hydration service to our curly hair guests, ensuring to push the vital water and moisture through the cuticle and into the cortex of the hair. I also teach you how to do this for yourself at home.
The results are soft, hydrated, bouncy curls that you can love.

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